Junior High School

Counseling Department

School Counselors:

Nancy Ricardo, Head Counselor (Serving students with last names Mi-Z) (Apellidos Mi-Z) 805- 967-3486 x2509

Alyssa Hufschmid  (Serving students with last names I-Me)  (Apellidos I-Me) 805-967-3486 x2577            ahufschmid@sbunified.org

Alfredo Martinez  (Serving students with last names A-H)  (Apellidos A-H) 805-967-3486 x2510                  amartinez@sbunified.org

Additional Counseling Support
Amy Kuehl AMFT 119535 (Family Service Agency) 805-967-3486 x2536                                                                          akuehl@sbunified.org

Susan Becchio (Restorative Approaches) 805-967-3486 

Sonia Spencer, Counseling Secretary/Registrar 805-967-3486, x2502

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