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Spanish 1

The course is designed to introduce a world language through the development of skills in basic conversation, comprehension, speaking, reading and writing. Students also learn about the culture of countries where Spanish is spoken. The class provides a foundation for high school Spanish. If Spanish 1-2 is taken in 7th grade, Spanish 3-4 should be taken in 8th grade, and Spanish 5-6 in 9th grade.
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Spanish 2

Prerequisite is Spanish 1-2, or native speaker, grade of “C” is recommended. The ability to understand and speak Spanish is further developed through the introduction of additional vocabulary and grammar. Students who successfully complete Spanish 1-2 and this class will earn one year of high school credit.
Spanish 2 for Native Speakers

Chinese 1-2 7/8

This class is a web-based, self paced language program taught by native Mandarin-speaking teachers. From their home computer, students meet twice weekly in an online classroom. The teacher and classmates communicate face-to-face via webcam, instant messaging, and virtual chalkboard. Go to www.mylanguage360.com for more information