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Physical Education

The physical education program is a California standards-based program that emphasizes complete physical fitness development. Students are graded on improvement rather than on skill. Classes are co-ed and the curriculum is based on small group and individual skills, games, problem solving, character and social development.

Seventh Grade units include cooperative games, sports skills, medieval times, self defense, multicultural dance, paddle tennis, orienteering, golf, track and field.

Eight Grade units include healthy heart, volleyball, football, soccer, lacrosse, team handball, hockey, square dance, track and field.

Independent Studies P.E.

For students who are at an advanced level in their sport. Applications and a list of enrollment and insurance requirements are available in the Counseling Office. Completed applications must be turned in by March 1, 2018.  No late applications will be accepted.

Mary Ellen Brown

Chris Hughes

Amy McConnell

Lee Speshyock