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School Counseling Program

Goleta Valley Junior High school counselors provide direct services across the following ASCA domains in order to promote mindsets and behaviors that enhance the learning process and create a culture of college and career readiness for all students.
Academic Domain
  • Deliver school counseling curriculum promoting academic achievement
  • Advise students with regard to course selection and planning
  • Recommend students to summer learning recovery or enrichment
  • Monitor promotion status
  • Identify and refer students to the Student Study Team (SST) for intervention services
  • Provide options for tutoring and academic support
  • Provide individual academic counseling to students and parents
College and Career Domain 
  • Deliver school counseling curriculum promoting college and career development in order for students to understand the connection between school and the world of work
  • Explore college and career information such as SBCC dual enrollment program and high school academies via individual student and parent meetings
  • Provide letters of recommendation for student recognition programs or secondary pursuits

Personal Social Development Domain
  • Deliver school counseling curriculum promoting social and emotional development
  • Provide assistance to students before school during lunch and after school
  • Identify and refer students for outside counseling services
  • Provide crisis intervention and appropriate mental health referrals
  • Provide assistance and guidance via individual parent meetings
  • Provide personal counseling and guidance