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Core Values


Vision- All Goleta Valley Junior High Mariners will be empowered to become engaged learners, responsible self-advocates, socially and culturally aware members of our community as they transition to their next academic and personal milestones.

Mission - The mission of the Goleta Valley Junior High Counseling Program is to implement an equitable comprehensive counseling program in collaboration with parents, staff and community partners that will foster a challenging and supportive environment that is accessible to all students. We will ensure they acquire the competencies needed in their academic, career, personal and social-emotional development and success in order to reach their greatest unique potential.

Beliefs - Goleta Valley Junior High Counselors believe that each student is capable of becoming a productive citizen of our society and of achieving personal and academic success as a stepping stone in this process.  GVJH counselors believe that each student is unique and needs to feel cared for, that they belong and that they believe in their own self-efficacy.  We also believe data driven support systems,accountability, advocacy and the delivery of grade appropriate counseling curriculum are crucial in order for students to feel empowered, build resiliency and actively engage in this process.