Goleta Valley Junior High School

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RY (Reconnecting Youth)

Annette Unzueta (GVJH)- My name is Annette Unzueta and I am a Youth Services Specialist at Goleta Valley Jr. High. I teach a life skills class called Reconnecting Youth that focuses on academic improvement, mood management, and drug and alcohol prevention. I also provide counseling for students in need of support, as well as connecting students to services within our community. I was once a youth whole struggled with social pressures and I am thankful I had a supportive adult whom I felt safe in speaking with during my High School Years. I want to pay it forward while being of service to my community and provide a safe space for youth to share their story and feel validated.


Services Offered: Brief Intervention, Mediation, One on One Counseling, Educational Support Groups (dealing with stress, relationships, family dynamics, communication skills, problem solving), Reconnecting Youth Class.